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Spree Style with Erin Habes: Blanc sur blanc

During the summer months, cities like Paris, Montreal, Amsterdam, Berlin and others take shape with an abundance of life pouring into the streets. Being so rich in culture, food, and fashion, it’s hard not to be inspired by your surroundings. Luckily for New Yorkers the European phenomena “Le Diner en Blanc” is coming stateside on August 25th.

A “pop-up” picnic, Le Diner en Blanc has been going on for more than 20 years. It starts with a top-secret location that is spread by using word of mouth or social media. The scope of Le Diner en Blanc can be compared to a “flash mob” with a fashionable gourmet twist.

It’s a stylish spectacle, which allows participants to express their creativity with a clean and crisp white on white look.

This refined yet fun dining experience asks everyone to bring his or her own table, chairs, and food. Picnic-goers keep with the theme and decorate with white linens, candles, flowers, plates, and stemware.

Living it up with style, the party often ends with the crowds dancing around,  sparklers in hand to impromptu music.

New York City better be ready. The invite list is strict but it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s a carry in/carry out affair.

I think we should all get our whites on. Is Buffalo ready for a “Le Diner en Blanc”?

Become a fan and it just might happen...

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