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Spree Style with Erin Habes: H&M, it's good to see you

Courtesy of the H & M summer lookbook

For a long time, the question on local shoppers' minds has been Why don’t we have an H & M?  Buffalo may be the last stop on the New York State road map, but it seems the Swedish fashion gods have finally answered our prayers.

Fashionistas across the country regard H & M as their “fashion secret”, but this secret is out and opening its doors in the Walden Galleria on July 7 at Noon.

More then just an inexpensive fashion brand, H & M has single handedly formed a generation’s fashion expression. Without boundaries, its wild and crazy "of the moment" trends allow us to take risks for a mere fraction of designer prices.

Other fast-fashion retailers have popped up in the past years, but H & M continues to stay on top. Where a “sliver” of the public can walk into Forever 21 and find something to wear in 15 minutes, the curvy gals dread it. H & M offers a full range of sizes that hug all the right curves.

Recently, I was able to “talk shop” with one of the store managers, Lauren Mentkowski. She confirmed that the local outlet will be carrying “Ladies, Mens, Baby, Kids, Maternity, Juniors, and Accessories”.

I just had to ask her about the quality and level of “coolness” the Buffalo store will provide. She says, “Believe me the store is going to be way better than the 'Cuse (Syracuse) and Ra Cha Cha (Rochester) stores! Giveaways? Yes, we are going to have a few hundred gift cards to hand out when we open at noon.”

Gazing into my crystal ball, I’m seeing hundreds of women snaking through the mall halls with a one-track mind … shopping! As H & M opens its doors, let the floodgates of fashion fill the streets of Buffalo.


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