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Use wedding blogs wisely—but use them.



Goin’ to the chapel and we’re going to get married—those are the lyrics ringing in my head this summer. Though I’m not a bride-to-be, I’m in a handful of weddings this summer, and I’m beginning to understand how brides can become Bridezillas. It must be hard to control that urge to fine-tune every inch of the wedding experience to perfection. In my quest to guide my loved ones down the aisle, I have found that help is at hand.


I have two words for all the brides-to-be out there: WEDDING BLOGS.




Women of all ages scour these sites with the aim of making the wedding day they’re involved in Pinterest worthy. It’s easy to fall into the obsession of it all, so here’s my two cents on keeping it real, as well as some of the best ideas I’ve seen on wedding blogs.


Think of your wedding as telling a story. The whole experience should represent you as a couple. This is where the theme comes in. Let your inner vibe shine—today’s in-the-know couples incorporate into their wedding celebrations crazy nicknames, first kiss secrets, favorite foods, sports, music, travel history and everything in-between. 




Personal DIY touches bring the most thoughtful and quirky story to your special day. I’m giving you permission to become the craft master and queen of AC Moore and Michael’s. Go ahead. Turn your house upside down with spray glue, mason jars, photo booth props and burlap, but keep in mind one important thing. You’re creating an experience for yourself, your fiancé, family and friends, one that hopefully you all will treasure for a lifetime.


Color is key, and there are two trends getting some major play—the ombre effect and a rainbow of colors. Your bridesmaids’ dresses don’t have to be matchy-matchy (ladies, those days are gone). Pick a range of colors and styles that work together and keep it simple. Allowing your friends to pick a silhouette that fits their body and perhaps a range of colors that work with their individual skin tones will make a world of difference to their enjoyment of your day.  The dress should never be wearing them; they should be wearing the dress.


Say cheese! Signage, décor and photo moments have become just as important as good eats and centerpieces. A well-crafted wedding will have everyone talking about it for days and weeks to come. It’s the small details reflecting the couple that make day and night memorable for you and your guests. Dare to be different. Take funny photos. Go ahead and be nerdy. As you can easily spend countless hours looking at blogs and sites showing what other people have done, remember to use them as an inspiration, a jumping-off point to make your day all your own. The whole idea is to create wedding day memories with your personal style, not someone else’s.


Here are some of my favorite wedding blogs. Just don’t get so lost into them that you forget to feed the cat.

Ruffled blog

Green wedding shoes

The knotty bride

The perfect palette


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