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A Style Council Last-Minute Local Gift Guide


I don’t know about you, but I feel great about my Christmas shopping so far this year! I have bought more gifts from local shops than I have any other year, and I am so excited to give my unique gifts to my family and friends. Not only does shopping locally mean that I find uncommon gift items unlikely to be duplicated, but I think that it also makes the gift feel a little extra special, evoking a more personal sentiment. Oh, and there is the added bonus that you are supporting your community and a small business owner. This is a feeling I have really come to appreciate, especially since I am a small business owner myself.


Of course we all still have plenty more to do before the holiday arrives and, if you are at all like me, you still have a number of gifts left to buy. However you are in luck! I did all the work for you and found some of the niftiest gifts in Buffalo. Now all you have to do is go pick up your future presents! Happy holidays!



Anna Grace

Matt and Nat Grey Leather Bag: $135
This is a bag for a lady with some seriously good taste.  Grey leather paired with a geometric shape make for a very sleek, modern and classic look.

West Third Tonics: $24
These are a super affordable alternative to perfume and there are a number of variations for different personalities. I personally recommend the Sandalo Tuberosa scent.

Kris Nations Necklaces: $42
Talk about feel-good fashion! These delicate necklaces are made from recycled metals in the USA, and there are a number of adorable and meaningful symbols to choose from.




Herb Scissors: $9.95
Salad Tongs: $9.95

These are a great gift for someone who loves to garden. Plus they offer encouragement to eat fresh and healthy in the cold winter months.


Everything Elmwood

Meditation Book: $19.99
I have a personal reference for you. This is an amazing book for a yoga or meditation enthusiast. Its simple and easy step-by-step instructions and intention-based practices are sure to help you find some time in your day to relax and balance.

Picnic Set: $75.99
There is nothing more romantic than a picnic date, so do your friends or family a favor and make it easy for them to score some major date points!




White Resin Dear Heads $125
It’s super fun to buy home accessories for other people, especially if you know their taste. But,if you don’t, these trendy resin dear heads are a guaranteed crowd pleaser.


Geometric Stars: $56
These clean white geometric stars are an easy buy. Suite fora range of tastes, they make a room feel modern and chic instantly.


Brooklynese Sawlt and Peppa Shakers: $14
Both lovable and adorable, these are the perfect little gift for the New Yorkers in your life!



Animal Outfitters

Trail Boots: $65.99
Our furry children need presents too! My pup’s paws are super sensitive to the salt on the sidewalks this time of year. These adorable booties protect their paws from the sharp and chemical-laden salt, as well as any other dangers your city dog might encounter.


Safe Paw Ice Melter: $18.99
While you’re at it, as a gift for your neighbor’s pooch, invest in this puppy-safe sidewalk salt meant to be gentle on paws. Merry Christmas to everyone!



Blue Collar

Mustache Bow Tie: $48
Mustaches are awesome, and bow ties are awesome, so this gift is awesome.


Suspender Trousers: $98
These suspender pants make me think of Leonardo DiCaprio in Gangs of New York—a little old fashioned and a little scrappy. These are a great gift for a guy with some moxie.


Gentleman’s Hardware Buff and Shine: $24
I love the hopeful notion that men are becoming gentlemen again, and a great way to start is to encourage attention to detail. The clever branding and packaging on this shoeshine kit is sure to make him want to shine his shoes.



Modern Nostalgia

Turban Style Knit Headband: $24
Sorry about the selfie, but there was no other way to express the cuteness that is this knit turban headband. I am super picky about what I put on my head, and I just adore this. This is a perfect gift for any trendy lady in need of some not-ugly winter warm.


White Floral Bobble Necklace: $42
I’m all about some winter whites and what better way to add to that vibe but with some winter white of the floral variety? This fun and playful necklace is the perfect accessory addition for any lucky lady.


Poppy Tunic Dress: $96

This color seriously looks good on everyone, and who doesn’t need a pop of color to brighten the drab winter repertoire of black, black, and more black.


Dolce Vita Folklore Coat: $165
This is such a cool piece and it will translate perfectly into every season due to its print and cut. Folklore will be a huge trend in fashion this spring, so this is a great present for a woman who likes to set the trends not follow them.




Molly Hoeltke is a BuffaloSpree.com contributor and the owner of Once Vintage.


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