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Mercedes Benz Fashion in New York: Trend Recap

Designers sent amazing red pieces down the runway this season.

Photos courtesy of style.com


Another season of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City has just wrapped, and as always, it was a crazy and fun week. NYFW is nothing if not surprising, overwhelming, and of course, inspiring. This fashion week was showing designers collections for Fall/Winter 2014. It’s always amazing to get a sneak peak of what is coming almost a year from now. I am a huge fan of making pieces in your wardrobe work for multiple seasons, so by looking ahead and knowing which trends to spot, it’s possible that a couple of those great summer finds will carry through to fall. It was a week full of fashion moments and trends to take away, but I’ve gathered my favorites for you.

Before we look at specific trends, I have to say the runaway show of the season was the Proenza boys. Once again, Proenza Schouler showed us that they know how to steal the runway and re-awaken our love for creative and functional design. Bravo, guys!

This season, I was also very impressed with Charlotte Ronson. It feels like this designer always has a real finger on the pulse of what is happening now in the fashion world and is capable of informing and inspiring your general everyday wardrobe. This show is worth a look.

One of the most notable shifts this season was the addition of light colors for winter wear. In the past few years, the consensus among most designers has been to use very dark colors during the cold season. Now, I love the versatility of black more than most, but light colors in winter are a favorite. Pastels aren’t just for spring anymore. The lack of sunshine and shorter days can get to us pretty quickly during the winter months and adding touches of light color to our look is an easy way to beat those winter blues. The softness of a pastel, paired with a dark winter piece, can literally brighten your day. Designer Derek Lam really exemplifies the winterized pastel.

While on the subject of color, let’s talk about Radiant Orchid! The official Pantone color of 2014, Radiant Orchid made a strong appearance in many of the new collections. While the season’s hottest Pantone color is always reflected on the runway, it is usually used very literally. This year, it seems designers are taking more liberties with their interpretation. Pink and red hues rule the runway, and with designers tackling new layers of accessibility with such a standout color, I saw everything from street-style stars in dusty pink jackets to jaw dropping runway gowns in the brightest of red tones. Designers Carolina Herrara, Jenny Packham, and Donna Karan New York sent amazing red pieces down their runways. (Herrara and DKNY's red dresses are pictured in the lead image)

I am happy to announce, sporty streetwear is here to stay! Sporty streetwear is a trend that came about a couple (or more) seasons ago and does not seem to be going anywhere for a while. Think ‘I just went to the gym, a rock and roll concert, and a cocktail hour in a dark bistro’ all at the same time. Everyone from Alexander Wang (who always does this trend a ton of justice), to Rebecca Taylors takes on the look. The beauty of this trend is that it keeps transforming itself, allowing among other things, the streetwear-interested-but-fashion-safe-crowd to embrace a lovely combination of sophistication and edge.

Monochromatic dressing is one of my favorite trends. Having been a around for a few seasons now, the effortlessly chic look is a sure way to do no wrong in modern dressing, and it’s become a staple for the fashion informed. Keeping an entire outfit within the same color palette may seem simple (and dare I say, boring), however the outcome is anything but. It makes a bold statement, and stands out in a room of other colors. Paired with shoes and statement piece jewelry in the same color palette, the look is a win.

So far we’ve looked at a few things that have been around more than one season, but a new trend to take note of is the take on the women’s power suit. It is probably one of the easiest ways to pull an outfit together in a pinch. To be clear, I am not recommending you dust off an old pantsuit from the 80s, but Jason Wu certainly did this piece justice in his collection with his modern take on the old classic. The key to the look is in the tailoring of the suit, and offsetting your silhouette is the best way to make this look modern. Think small on top and bigger on the bottom or vice versa. Peace out dresses of seasons past, hello modern day power gal!

The great thing about so much of what I saw at New York Fashion Week is how many trends are holding up for multiple seasons. I am a proponent of buying pieces that can be used in multiple ways or seasons, and that only becomes easier when the look lasts. With basics being a constant and high fashion and streetwear being combined, there are so many accessible options for every style of woman. While it’s always a treat to see the Fall/Winter collections so far ahead, I think I’m going to focus on soaking up some sun before stocking my closet for fall.



All photos courtesy of style.com. Cassie Rose is a regular contributer to BuffaloSpree.com's Style Council blog.


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