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Peter Pilotto x Target Shopping Guide

Courtesy of Target.com


We can always count on Target to bring accessible designer collaborations to our closets, and this time around it’s Britain's Peter Pilotto. Designed by Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos, Pilloto’s aesthetic for this colleciton is best characterized as strong color combinations, innovative prints, and memorable—yet wearable—silhouettes. The collection will  hit Target locations on February 9.

As a seasoned Target-collab shopper (yes I once battled my way through the crowd for a full Missoni x Target kitchen set), I have selected my favorites from the collection and hope to provide readers with a few tips so that you’re able to get your hands on the pieces you desire.

Luckily, in WNY we have a pretty solid selection of Target locations, where long lines are rare. In my experience, arriving 10 minutes prior to the store opening has always gotten the job done. The trick is knowing exactly what you want before you even walk in the door, and knowing what the high demand items are going to be. During the last Target collaboration with Phillip Lim, I was most excited for the large purses. However, I was well aware that everyone else was dying for the same thing. When the doors opened that day I ran directly to the handbags to claim my prize. And to be honest, I’m still carrying it today!

Once you’re inside, grab anything you think you might want in your size and make your decisions in the fitting room. If you don’t act fast it could be snagged by the next fashionista to walk through those automatic red doors. Did someone else snag the last dress you were dying for? Check with the fitting room to see if that person left it behind!

The collection is priced very fairly with most separates coming in under $40. Happy shopping and enjoy my favorites from the collection.


Clockwise from top right: Tote $39.99, slip ons $29.99, skirt $34.99, bikini top (or a perfect summer crop top) $22.99, sunglasses $16.99, dress $49.99, crop pants $34.99.




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