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Oscar's 2015 Shop Talk


Who are you wearing?

Oh thank you for asking… I was rocking Outdoor Voices, one of my favorite new athletic brands.


Sunday night our eyes were glued to the television, watching the glitz and glamour walk the red carpet. It’s all about who the stars are wearing and putting a spotlight on the "it" celebrities. Although I love the show, the fashion. and NPH (aka Neil Patrick Harris, especially in his underwear), I L-O-V-E following the social media banter on Facebook. If you’re like me, the overflow of posts and comments about the Oscars coming from all your friends is just as entertaining as the show itself.


My fashion friends seem to come out of the woodwork for these things, providing incredible entertainment value via the ubiquitous social media platform. My favorite comments came from Amanda Rodriguez, a Product Development Artistry Manager & Artist in Residence for Urban Decay out in sunny, warm L.A. She had me applauding and liking every comment.

I have to share:

9:01 pm “Adrian Brody, you’re a delight to look at.”

9:11 pm “Reese Witherspoon is the most basic woman in Hollywood. Is her dress from Anne Taylor?”

10:25 pm “Zoe, you’re so on point.”

10:48 pm “Jennifer Hudson, go high five your MUA. You’ve never looked hotter.”

Keeping the social media buzz going were the lovely ladies at EXO Supply Co., Her Story and Koukla Cosmetics. They were in the mix of it all, as they took part in the Academy Awards Small Business Expo. With product in tow, they showcased their products at the Dolby Theater and got the chance to hob knob with celebrities and tastemakers. Showing L.A. some Buffalove, they gifted EXO Supply’s organic nail polish, Her Story’s Strong Woman necklace, and Koukla’s Goddess Mineral Primer, Sokolata bronzer, and men’s beard oil.

Elyse Robinson, owner of EXO Supply with Omarosa.


The fashions on the red carpet were top notch this year, and many of the looks proved to be noteworthy. The trends of the moment were filled with jeweled accents, pretty pastels, hints of nude, statement necklaces, ladies in red and so much more. It was really hard to pick my favorite, so I turned to the Shop Talk experts, my local glam squad, who keep us all looking great locally.

Here are their favorites:


Shoefly, Sue Marfino - Tie between Naomi Watts in Armani Privé & Felicity Jones in Alexander McQueen, respectively



Blush, Lexi Furlong - Anna Kendrick, Thakoon


Leelee, Lisa Keating - Julianne Moore in Chanel


Ooo la la Boutique, Crista Botticello – Lupita Nyong’o Calvin Klein Collection


Modern Nostalgia & Blue Collar, Bri Klejdys-Long - Tie between Neil Patrick Harris, Calvin Klein & Common, Prada


Always an inspiration for the upcoming spring season, the Oscars fashion buzz proves we are all a little secretly obsessed. Next time don’t just watch, but join the conversation online. It’s like hanging out with your girls, even if they live all over.



Erin Habes is Spree's contributing fashion editor.

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