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A February list

Recycle, repurpose, or remix any of these concepts

Ski wear from Nils, using color blocking and silhouette lines

Photos courtesy of vendors


No dos, no don’ts. No ins, no outs. No rules. No fashionista bullying. Let’s go forward with ideas, concepts that we are free to adopt or chew on or kick to the curb. Actually—no kicking to the curb, either. Recycle. Recycle or repurpose or remix any of these concepts into your approach to life.


Weather is fun if you are prepared for it. Ski jackets and pants are not just for skiers or the slopes. Adopt the après ski look for your next stroll in Lewiston, Elmwood Village, Williamsville, and, yes, even Ellicottville.


Keep in mind that just because we have weather does not mean that we should combine our new ski jacket with our favorite party dress. The magazines say the look is a wardrobe update “must,” but I’ve been there, done that. At best it suggested that I’m trying too hard. At worst, I got reactions like, “Oh, you poor woman.” It’s OK to be patient with trends.


If anyone in your life wants to work in a style industry, subscribe to the Business of Fashion podcast. Listen first, advise later.


Once a month, sneak something out of your daughter’s closet and try it on.


Once a month, sneak something out of your mother’s closet. Same thing.


If, after all this sneaking around, you find something that works for you—a pair of shoes, a necklace, a sweater, age inappropriate cut-offs—confess your bad behavior to the item’s owner. Unless the “find” raises inheritance issues, your mother will let you keep it. Mothers love to give. Your daughter, of course, will never want to touch the piece again, which, by default, makes it yours.


If you have a piece of clothing that you love and it looks great on you but it is worn or outdated, find a tailor. If a tailor can’t fix it, carry it with you to every clothing store and ask for help finding a suitable replacement.


Inspect your shoes.


Speaking of shoes, there are a few looks I’m not ready for. One of those looks is Birkenstock clogs covered with horse hair, long horse hair—like from the tail. I’ve seen photos. My friend thinks it is a fake photo. I know better.


Which brings us to Prada sunglasses. The design house may have bought stock in Astroturf because, why else cover shades in it? Nothing seems as pushed toward an application to clown school as this year’s signature sunglasses. I love them. I hate them. Mostly, I think of them as an opportunity for performance art.


Be careful when wearing yellow-greens. I’m not saying ‘not;’ I’m saying be careful around any color that mimics an interruption in food digestion. Test how it works with your skin under different lights.


Ask every retail owner you meet, ‘Who decided that pockets in women’s clothing is a waste of time?’


If you are not sure whether to go in for a trend, get a facial. A facial is never a waste of time.    


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