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Peace of mind attire


Let’s not call these rules. Actually, rules bully. Let’s think of these as ideas that you are free to adopt or chew on or kick to the curb. Actually, don’t kick anything to the curb. Recycle into a concept that fits your lifestyle and approach.


• Nothing seems as pushed toward an application to clown school as this year’s signature sunglasses. Finally, an opportunity for performance art.


• Once a month sneak something out of your daughter’s closet.


• Once a month sneak something out of your mother’s closet.


• Having said that, if you wear your daughter’s glitter Uggs into the grocery store for the coffee milk, little girls will stare at you. Then you will remember you are wearing glitter Uggs.


• There are a few looks that not even a model can pull off. One of those is Berkenstocks with hair.


• No matter how trending it becomes, be careful with yellow-greens. I’m not saying “not;” I’m saying be careful and test the look under different lights.


• If you are going to wear something to make a statement, own the look.


• If there is an artist you adore, like Matisse and his stencils or Mondrian’s color blocking or O’Keeffe’s undulation, look for that pattern or approach in your fabrics.  


• Who decided that pockets were a bad idea for women?


• Do not waste any energy thinking that this year you will be better than last. That’s too negative. Find a way to embrace what you have going for you now, and work to expand the positive.


• In real life, we have weather. Just because we have weather does not mean you should wear a ski jacket over a slip dress. I know that look. At best its suggests “trying too hard,” at worst it produces reactions like, “Oh, that poor woman.”


• If you have a piece of clothing that you love and it looks great on you but it is worn or outdated, find a tailor.


• Inspect your shoes.


• Fashion writers use phrases like “clean edge,” which today can almost sound like an oxymoron. Everything evolves. On the other hand, fishnets are still fishnets.


For more fashion insight, read this month's article, Soothsayers and silk scarves, by Catherine Berlin. 


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