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Dressing Up

This season's fashion trends



Layers: Put what you like over what you like over whatever it is that supports your body and satisfies your clothing comfort level. Start with footless stockings, or leggings, shapewear, a leotard, a body stocking, whatever you find. Then add a sheer layer, and another. Because there is a lot of activity with layers, choose a palette that is muted or limited to one or two colors. Bra straps show, but look coordinated. The final layer can be sheer or fringed or netted.


Necklines: The modified single shoulder is all over the runway. Most of the material still covers just one shoulder but one or two thinner straps support the dress on the other side. Even if you do not need the support, the extra material provides a bit more coverage and softens the severity of the otherwise straight line.


Color: One color. One. From head to toe. And it can be any color you choose as long as it matches a strain of wheat or can be found in the sherbet section at your local grocery store. Most of the fruity hues have been worked into more tailored clothing, which is a lovely look, as refreshing as it sounds. It is also loud.


Prints: Flowers. Whether delicate, tie-dyed, or energetic, from the realistic to the interpretative, floral prints are beautifully balanced into dress constructions. This is not a year for puritanical, though. Itty bitty will not get it done.  


LBD: Think little black dress meets your party-hard-all-night paper doll. Short and boxy, graphic, and accented with poof or glitter or edge.


Neo boho: It is a message of powerful chill, romantic independence, expensive kitsch, exclusive diversity, refined embellishment. Got it? Say to yourself, I’m rich, but my soul belongs to Les Mis.  


Artisanal: Lace, crochet, macramé, and applique are not restricted to accessories and ruffles. The ruffle is the dress in this handcrafted design approach. See Layers, above.  


Retro scenes: No, not deja vu. What you are probably experiencing is seeing someone who looks like they just walked out of a nineties teen sitcom (oversized bleached denim and happy prints) or an old thirties film full of escapist glamour (slip dresses, feathers, and shoulder peeks).  


Favorite find: Alberta Ferretti’s one-piece utility culotte. Not a dress, but it combines the simplicity and cohesiveness of a singular piece, with the practicality of pants and a sensuality of movement.


This season’s gimmicks: Oversized bows, bound-down shoulders, and making a dress out of men’s shirting. Yes, there is a way to make a dress out of buttoning and tying together a few of one’s nineties nice shirts. The articles I read insist that there is. But I have no interest in this DIY. It will not look good on me, and it won’t sit so well with my husband, either.


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