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The weekend in movies 4/30

Buffalo Bushido
Playing at Market Arcade
From the press release: "Buffalo Bushido is a psychological portrait of a man trying to come home against the odds. 'Bushido' or 'way of the samurai' becomes his coping strategy as home begins to transform before his eyes and reveal the path he must now take. Buffalonians will enjoy seeing landmarks such as Forest Lawn, The Peace Bridge, Memorial Aud, Delaware Park, and the Elmwood Strip take on symbolic meaning. The film was shot in all four seasons over the course of a year and stars Buffalo native Jesse L. Martin, Leila Arcieri, John Savage, Bruce Glover, Peter McGennis, Fred Weller, and Lord Jamar. Special Engagement Friday night 4/30, including appearances by cast and crew."

City Island
Playing at North Park Dipson
Winner of 2009's Tribeca Film Festival's Audience Award, City Island concerns a family of eccentrics that tend to keep their private lives and aspirations away from the rest. When the correctional officer/hopeful actor father (Andy Garcia) brings home an ex-con, comedy more than likely ensues.

The Eclipse
Playing at Amherst Dipson
A film that I have been waiting to see ever since taking a look at its trailer, The Eclipse appears to be an intriguing mix of romance and the supernatural. A woman enlists a horror writer to lend his 'expertise' to the fact she is seeing a ghost. He also begins to believe while a love triangle of some sort begins to form. Ciarán Hinds, Iben Hjejle, and Aidan Quinn star.

Furry Vengeance
Playing at Maple Ridge; Elmwood, Transit, Galleria, Quaker, Hollywood Regals; Flix
Local forest creatures do not want their homes to be destroyed by a new housing development coming in. Brendan Fraser continues his run of questionable film choices by once again starring opposite computer enhanced animals. I really don't know why stuff like this still gets made.

A Nightmare on Elm Street
Playing at Maple Ridge; Market Arcade; Elmwood, Transit, Galleria, Quaker, Hollywood Regals; Flix; Transit Drive-In
Freddy is back and he has a new face. Jackie Earle Haley dons the glove and ratty striped sweater for a new tale of murder through dream. I'm a big fan of the actor and just revisited the original film on Tuesday, but early buzz isn't too great. Hopefully first-time feature director Samuel Bayer adds a little of the visual flair I've come to love from his music video work.

Playing at Amherst Dipson
The story of Benito Mussolini's secret lover and their son, this Italian language film won its fair share of awards last year. Cleaning up at Italy's equivalent of the Golden Globes, Vincere was also nominated for Cannes' prestigious Palme d'or.

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