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Book 'em

If you haven't made your Friday night plans yet, allow me to recommend a concert experience that's pretty much guaranteed to be unlike anything else you're likely to do. The "folktronic" duo of Nick Zammuto and Paul de Jong—a.k.a. the Books—plunders the record sections of thrift stores (among other sources) in search of found sounds-—and, in their concert incarnation, found images—then reassembles them as audio collages. If this sounds esoteric, guess again: the end result can be funny, strangely moving, or, yes, sometimes utterly perplexing (but in a fun kind of way).

Here's a brief snippet from the multitude you can find on the web.

Granted, that's an older piece and they're plugging a new album, but this clip gives you a good sense of their way with words (pay close attention!) and their ability to make damn fine pop songs out of the scraps they collect. Besides, I find that if you like one Books bit, you're likely to like 'em all. I do, and I'll be there. TV and bars can wait; a show like this is once in a lifetime. Don't be a fool this April 1: Hit the Books!

The Books
Friday April 1, 2011
Asbury Hall at Babeville
341 Delaware Ave., Buffalo
7 pm doors / 8 pm show
$17 day of show / all ages

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