Spree Music with J. DiDomizio: Blitzen Trapper

Photo by Tyler Kohlhoff

The first time I heard Blitzen Trapper, on their 2007 self-released Wild Mountain Nation, I had no idea what type of band they were. Trying to fit bands into a genre however, shouldn’t be too much of a concern; something gets lost when you try to wedge something into a catergory instead of just appreciating the piece as a whole. Especially when a band experiments with genres from indie rock, country, and prog rock with angular guitars and new wave syths thrown in behind sublime vocal harmonies and a bombast that at times recalled Queen. Plus, they sang about everything from UFOs to murder.



Through the last three albums leading up to this year’s American Goldwing, Blitzen Trapper has focused that sound, revealing their obsession with a very loose definition of Americana—specifically from the 70’s—and sounding at times more like The Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd than a sci-fi drenched early Wilco. On this album they may not sound as weird or expansive, but they are certainly more accessibl. This isn’t a detriment when the sounds are like an open road, stretching out in front of you with the wind blowing through your hair, the past behind and only the hopeful future ahead. That is where Blitzen Trapper wants to take you, back to the American concept of freedom on an open road. It might sound like we’ve heard a little of that and of them before, but that’s not a drawback. When they play you'll find that it's where you want to go.

Expect to be taken down a number of musical roads when Blitzen Trapper comes to Mohawk Place on the 29th with Smoke Fairies. Before you do, check out their video, “Black River Killer”.


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