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Kate and Corey: You're gonna like them

The independent country/folk group Kate and Corey (Kate Shaffer and Corey Coleman) has built up a reputation for themselves on the Buffalo music scene, and they’ve done it completely on their own. After less than two years making music together, Kate and Corey decided earlier this year to forsake other careers to pursue their passion. From playing on the streets to scrape together rent, playing in bars around town and moved into actual concert venues.

Recently, Kate and Corey won the local and state portions Texaco Country Showdown, a nationwide contest for new, independent country and folk musicians. Their next performance will be at the regional competition in Hershey, Pennsylvania on Saturday, October 27.  

In April the couple ventured to write, record, and share a new song every day of the month; fans voted in favor of the project on the duo’s Facebook profile. Video links to all thirty songs are on their website, beginning with a slightly desperate ode to the love/hate relationship with their hometown that is so common in Buffalo. Several of these songs made it onto their recently released first album You’re Gonna Like Us, including the sorrowful “Mother of Pearl.” A song from the perspective of a falsely condemned soul, it is reminiscent of the outlaw country movement.   

Their song-a-day project and new album both exemplify the twosome’s talent as musicians, singers and songwriters. The upbeat melodies and sweet harmonies of “Winter Heat” and “Your Daddy’s Car” juxtapose longings for a simple past with longings for a happy future, while the simplicity of an acoustic duo allows for some impressive guitar work. Topics ranging from love and hope to struggle and of course, a musician’s life on the road, suit their uncompromising DIY ethic. Kate and Corey have built a fan base through social networking, innovation, listening to their fans and simply working hard to create and play music.

While currently on a mission to relocate to Georgia in hopes of furthering their career, the local duet hopes that the title of their album will ring true for new listeners and they can get the support they need to make a successful indie band come from Buffalo. For more information visit kateandcorey.com or facebook.com/kateandcorey. 


Photo courtesy of kateandcorey.com.

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