On View / Felice Koenig

More meticulous abstract creations

Corner Detail of Say Hallelujah, a work of Felice Koenig


One of the artists most responsible for reinvigorating abstract painting in WNY is taking a slightly different direction in her exhibition at Indigo this month. Koenig is perhaps best known for dense, intricate paintings, made up of thousands of little dots of paint. Recently, the tiny elements have begun to spread out a bit, though the works are still methodical and retain a bright pop sensibility. In the new paintings, circles have given way to grids. Koenig has created complex woven quilts of paint; within the “quilted” squares, the artist has created the illusion of bumpy cloth. In her works, Koenig tends to defy and deny the idea of painted gesture; the works are almost sculptural.


Those who want a bit more angst with their art will enjoy the large-scale drawings also included in this show. These dark graphite and charcoal works are much looser, emerging in loopy, expressive webs. Here’s a rare chance to see a large group of works from one of the region’s most intriguing artists.


Shifting, works by Felice Koenig, is on view at Indigo Art, 47 Allen Street,  from March 3 to April 8. Check out their Facebook page for more information.


Say Hallelujah; History Repeats (Detail)


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