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Buffalo in the news / Local rapper heating up

Bill $aber earns buzz


Bill $aber has a song in the film Mom and Dad, featuring Nicholas Cage and Selma Blair, and recently appeared onstage with Marilyn Manson at Rapids Theater. It’s safe to say this underground star is ascending. Music news publication Pigeons and Planes (pigeonsandplanes.com) recently interviewed $aber.


From “Buffalo Rapper Bill $aber Is Built For This,” by Jacob Moore, Pigeons and Planes, April 23, 2018:


“There are two sides to the Buffalo, NY, rapper who goes by Bill $aber. Off stage, he’s James. His mom is his manager, he works out of his bedroom, and he spends most of his time in the gym, working on his creations, and studying the industry. When he’s on stage, he’s Bill $aber, a commanding force of nature with hair braided into front-facing horns.


‘On stage I’m $aber, and $aber is a wild motherf-er,’ he tells us calmly. ‘He’s doing shit that I would never do as James. I don’t like watching myself on stage because I don’t even want to think about how I do that stuff. I say a prayer, black out, and take it for what it is and just go up there and kill it as $aber.’


Whatever he’s doing, $aber never takes short cuts. He’s not trying to catch buzz off a viral moment—he’d rather put in the time and effort to set himself up for long-term success. For his music career, that means staying in his hometown of Buffalo, learning everything he can about the music industry, and maintaining ownership and creative control over everything he makes.


Can you explain the Marilyn Manson connection?

From his side, I believe he saw Mom and Dad... he Shazamed me, then he looked me up ... He realized I was from Buffalo, and that he had a show in Buffalo the same day he looked me up. So he reached out. When I met him, he kept saying ‘synchronism,’ and that everything is syncing up. Like I said, I believe in the law of attraction.”      


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