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Stephens at Freudenheim

The emphasis is on fun in these Fundamental physics-based paintings

Clockwise from below: Aurora, Folklore, Eclipse, Black Magic, and Flower Power

Images courtesy of the artist


Baroque Logic is on view April 6–May 23, with an opening reception April 6, 6–8 p.m. at Nina Freudenheim Gallery, 140 North Street. Call 882-5777 or visit ninafreudenheim.com for more information.


Here’s another chance to enjoy recent paintings by Peter Stephens, who’s also in a show at the Burchfield Penney. For some years now, Stephens has been using forms and patterns he sees in the natural world—complete with their scientific underpinnings—to generate vivid, often colorful, abstract paintings. The complex structures of these paintings are taken from the worlds of physics, chemistry, biology, and other systems. The deeper you go, the more pleasing these worlds become, with their seductive repetitions. It is that side of these systems that most interests Stephens, who loves its “organized complexity.” The paradox of these paintings is that, based on a systematic reductivism, they manage to evoke so much joy and pleasure. 


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