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Bflo Days / Space to Play

Looking back on PLAY/GROUND

PLAY/GROUND attendees view installations by Kristiina Lahde

Photos by Meccay Photography


Installation by Ani Hoover


Installation by Buffalo Aerial Dance


Installation by William Quintana/Christa Trautman


ON SEPTEMBER 27–29, for the second time in as many years, an empty high school in Medina was transfomed into the huge, weekend-long art party that is PLAY/GROUND. This explosion of visual art, performance, sound, color, and energy is the brainchild of curators Anna Kaplan, Elisabeth Samuels, and Emily Tucker, who make up Resource: Art. By every account that has appeared so far, the second iteration was a glorious success, with easily double the attendance of last year. That’s pretty impressive when you consider that most attendees made the trip from Buffalo. Whether it likes it or not, in the minds of many Buffalonians, the tiny rural village of Medina is now forever linked with giant inflatables, indoor skateboarding, hidden greenhouses, strobes, and aerial performers.



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