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Onstage / TEN QUESTIONS FOR Marc Sacco

In FIRST DATE at MusicalFare

Sacco as Che in Evita

Photos by Jesse Sloier


What’s your relationship to this show?

I remember reading about it leading up to the 2013 Broadway run. I was a fan of  [Zachary Levi and Krysta Rodriguez], so the show was definitely on my radar. Then it got filed away in the back of my mind in my random Broadway/pop culture info file until this opportunity came along.


What’s the best acting advice you were ever given?

 Try it again.


What’s your best “the show went on” moment?

I was playing Angel in MusicalFare’s production of Rent. I began “Today for You,” which is the first number that Angel appears in drag, and it was going well. Then, just before I had to jump up to dance on a table, it felt like something was stuck to the bottom of my go-go boot.  I looked down, and the sole of my boot had come off and folded up underneath the heel. So up onto the table I went, and, without skipping a beat, I unzipped my boot, handed it to one of my fellow actors, and finished the song with only one boot.


What’s the role that got away? 

Oooh, this is a tough one. In the interest of professionalism, I’m going to keep this real vague and just say that there is one in particular that I really think I’d have been great at.


What line from a former play have you never forgotten and why?

My first community theater production when I was fourteen years old was a production of Oklahoma! I played Slim and I had a few lines in the auction scene at the beginning of Act 2. “Hey, Aunt Eller. You still got that same ol’ sweet potater pie, like last year?” Then Aunt Eller would say, “I sure do, Slim. What do ya say?” And I would reply, “I say it gave me a three-day belly ache!” The film version of Oklahoma! had gotten me very interested in musicals when I was about eight years old. Slim’s lines stood out to me in the film because they were funny, so when I found out they would be my lines to deliver onstage, fourteen-year-old Marc thought he had made it.


What “against type” role are you dying to play?

Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton. But I’m also totally cool with the fact that it never should and never will happen.


What’s your classic actor nightmare dream? 

Being thrust onstage into a show that has already begun, without having any clue what show it is, who I’m playing, or what any of my lines are.


What audition would you love to do over?

 Any of the ones that didn’t get me hired.


What’s the best thing you’ve seen this season and why?

Hamilton, without a doubt. The concept, the music, the staging, the costumes, the set…. every piece of it spoke to me and excited and inspired me.



I’ll be playing Corny Collins in Hairspray at the Kavinoky for Curtain Up! I’ll also be playing The D’Ysquith Family (nine characters) in A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder at MusicalFare. Get your tickets now!


First Date runs July 10–August 11 at MusicalFare, (4380 Main Street) musicalfare.com, 839-8540


For more theater info, CLICK HERE.



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