A succulent celebration at the Gardens


Succulents are hot right now, which is great news for gardeners, but the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens has always had a soft spot for these exotic-looking botanical specimens: a wide array of succulents will be on display at the Gardens from September 3 through October 2.


These drought tolerant plants are excellent candidates for mixed containers, where their interesting textures and varied colors (green, blue, gray, yellow, red) can be best showcased. The name succulent comes from the Latin word from sap or juice, sucus, and refers to the ability that these plants have to retain water in their (often) thick and fleshy leaves. Probably the succulent most familiar even to nongardeners is aloe vera, which provides a healing sap that’s great for household burns. But there is a wide world of succulents beyond aloe, including the paddle plant (Kalanchoe thyrsiflora), which has rosettes of green and pink leaves; the deep burgundy Tree aeonium, which many think resembles a zinnia; and the many varieties of Echeveria, which come in a rainbow of fun colors. 


As the days grow cooler, this is the perfect time to visit the Gardens and browse these lovely and accessible plants. You’ll be sure to take home some ideas for your winter indoor garden and maybe next year’s outdoor garden as well.  Visit buffalogardens.com for tickets and information. 


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