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A Buffalo Way To Garden

Sally Cunningham and Jim Charlier collaborate on a book highlighting WNY gardens


Can you Buffalo a garden? According to this book, you most certainly can. As the fame of Garden Walk grows, and as more and more out-of-town garden writers laud Buffalo’s garden culture in their publications, the issue of actually describing the gardens here has been addressed in various ways. Most visiting garden critics agree that these are not, for the most part, the pristine landscapes found in the pages of home design magazines. Instead, words like “diverse” and “uninhibited” are employed when writers describe the (mostly) small urban gardens they discover on Garden Walk.


After dozens of articles appearing in publications like the Toronto Star, Atlantic Monthly, Fine Gardening, San Francisco Chronicle, and many others, two writers have taken on the task of defining Buffalo’s gardening principles for once and for all. Sally Cunningham, longtime Western New York gardening columnist, and Jim Charlier, marketing specialist and past president of Garden Walk, have collaborated on a book that is being released from St. Lynn’s Press this month, Buffalo-Style Gardens. It takes on Buffalo gardens feature by feature, with hundreds of illustrations. Find out more about the book and how to get it here, or just follow Jim Charlier on Facebook.



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