First Look: Lagerhaus 95

Last week I had a chance to hang out in the kitchen at the new Lagerhaus 95 with Chef Jamie Zynda and her crew. They were preparing a private dinner for a party of 18 in addition to offering standard service to other guests. During hockey games they’ve been packed, and so they’ve added a special event menu that allows them to get people in and out as quickly as possible prior to a game.

Chef Zynda has worked in restaurants all over town, largely working day shift while she raised her young daughter. Zynda's time at Globe, Lexington Co-op, Fables, and the Mansion on Delaware Avenue have left her with a well rounded set of skills and she thrives in a busy environment.

Lagerhaus serves lunch Tuesday through Friday and dinner is offered Tuesday through Saturday. There’s even a small deli case with prepared sandwiches and other fresh to-go items to keep you on the move if you don’t have time to sit and enjoy your meal. Overall, I think Buffalonians will find the menu very appealing, with big fresh salads, hot sandwiches (like the Scallop Po’ Boy and a Turducken Panini), and dinner options such as Camembert fondue, mussles, and schnitzel “fingers.”

Chef Zynda's Hindenburger

I had the opportunity to try the Hindenburger (cute, no?), which was utterly delicious. Chef Zynda transforms an 8-ounce Angus burger with her addition of lager-braised cippolini onions and shredded aged Gouda. The whole thing is served on a pretzel roll, and no condiments are required since the over easy egg that tops each order provides excellent flavor and more than enough moisture to make that roll and burger meld together in the most delicious way.  

The restaurant is modeled after a German stube (which, according to the Lagerhaus website, literally translates to the word “parlor,“ but is also used as a term for an establishment where beer and wine are served in a cozy atmosphere). The beer list at Lagerhaus offers guests a more than decent selection of beers from Germany, Belgium, England, Holland, the UK, and North America. Beer is served in proper glassware which, in the German tradition, is rinsed prior to filling. Lagerhaus also features a carefully selected wine list featuring wines from middle Europe and the Alpine region.

General Manager Mark Slagle and Chef Jamie Zynda

Lagerhaus is an excellent addition to the downtown restaurant scene and proves that beer drinkers need not settle for cheap and unimaginative bar food. I had an excellent first visit and from all observations expect that my future visits will be equally enjoyable.


95 Perry Street
Buffalo, 14203




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