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Nickel City Chef Video & Recap: Richert vs. Roberts

Yesterday, Artisan Kitchens & Baths was the stage for one of the most exciting Nickel City Chef battles yet! Undefeated Nickel City Chef JJ Richert of Torches restaurant faced off against challenger  Executive Chef James Roberts of Williamsville's Park Country Club. The building was packed and the buzz in the air was electrifying.

Once the audience was seated, the chefs were introduced and the secret ingredient announced. The chefs would be working with a local ingredient that is a jewel in the crown of the Queen City--Flying Bison beer! Brewmaster Tim Herzog provided the chefs with his delicious Blackbird Oatmeal Stout and a Dubbel-style beer that was dark and bold. Herzog, a skilled homecook and of course, the mind and palate behind the day's secret ingredient, agreed to serve as a judge in the empty seat left by judge Kevin Brauch, who was unable to attend. Herzog did an excellent job as a judge, rounding out the panel which included comedian Kristen Becker and chef and Toronto-based food writer Ivy Knight.

Both chefs have a serious passion for beer, and each of them took our audience on quite a ride. Co-host Chef Mike Andrzejewski told me after the event that the chefs in each kitchen were moving so fast that he had difficulty fitting everything in and staying on top of all the techniques illustrated by both teams--a first for him. Despite the skill level and sheer volume of applications produced by each kitchen, both chefs presented wild and whimsical menus that delighted our judges and earned audible oohs and ahhs from the audience.

Below you can view the video recap and take a look at the full menus prepared by each chef, along with the final score.

JJ Richert's Flying Bison Menu

Beer brat-stuffed whole grain mustard gnocchi, oatmeal stout fonduta, wild ramps, hop foam


The Ultimate Tailgate: Oatmeal stout eclair with beer braised beef short rib and gruyere, "Beer can" squab with baked bean stuffed zucchini blossom, Welsh rarebit mac and cheese and personalized, handcarved ice mugs



Chocolate porter pecan pie with oatmeal stout nitrogen ice cream and beer caramel



James Robert's Flying Bison Menu

Boutique Oyster on the Half Shell, Nitrogen Cooled Alegar Mignonette Pearls
Crispy Chicken Wing, Oatmeal Stout Mole Negro, Toasted Sesame
Truffled Pork Crepinette, Foie Gras, Alegar Kraut, Beer Mustard
T-Meadow Farms Heritage Pork Taco al Pastor, Mexican Corn Tortillas
Belgian Onion Soup, Cave Aged Gruyere


Flying Bison Oatmeal Stout Braised Kobe Beef Rib,
Toasted Barley “Risotto”, Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms, Beer Battered Lardon,
Saaz Hops Demi Glace, Citrus Coriander Blossoms


Double Scoop Light and Dark Beer Ice Cream Sundae,
Bourbon Whipped Cream, Bourbon Caramel,
Compressed Bourbon Cherries, Toasted Beer Nuts



The Final Tally


Buffalo Spree is a proud sponsor of Nickel City Chef, and all of Feed Your Soul's productions.

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