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There are no Peeps in a peeptini

But we did offer a separate tray of the marshmallow creatures. Last Saturday’s Peep Show art party was accompanied by a signature cocktail—an important addition that helped the popular fundraiser raise even more money for media arts center Squeaky Wheel.
Too often at even the priciest galas, the quality of the alcohol on offer is sadly sub-par. We at Squeaky feel that sacrificing quality is a short-sighted strategy even at a fundraiser, so we made sure that our tinis had the best ingredients possible, as follows:

1 part Sobieski Polish vodka (Gray Goose or Ciroc would be overkill here.)
1 part 100% pomegranate juice (Guercio's has quarts of this for a reasonable price)
1 quarter part St Germaine liquor
1 quarter part freshly-squeezed lemon juice
1 eighth part grenadine, preferably a small-batch artisanal brand like Scrappy’s; try for one that does not contain corn syrup

(Buffalo’s own Kegworks is a wonderful source of exotic cocktail supplies)

Shake all ingredients with ice and pour into a martini glass. Add a splash of orange bitters. (Angostura or Fee Brothers recommended)

Enjoy responsibly.

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