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Chill out with East Park Pops

Christa Glennie Seychew

Starting today (yes, today), Delish will be the first retail setting in the city where East Park Pops can be purchased ($2.75 ea). Yep, after years of topping "Hot Food Trends" lists, artisan popsicles have finally made their way onto the WNY food scene. With good, clean branding, and fresh, tasty flavors, East Park Pops are sure to be a hit—especially on squelchers like today.

Spree food writers sampled several flavors (while hunched over a bar last night, mind you). Raspberry hibiscus, fresh grape, toasted coconut with lime, strawberry rhubarb, and mango pineapple were gobbled down before they melted. We liked them all and concurred that they were refreshing and fun. The toasted coconut rocked our world collectively, and the raspberry hibiscus might have been a close second. But we think you should taste one yourself. East Park Pops are available at Delish*, and if this week has been any indication of the weather we can expect this weekend, city-dwellers might need a pop or two to make it through.



*Deb Clark, owner of Delish wants me to remind you that she will be open until 8 tonight, Saturday from 9-6, and Sunday from 9-4. Delish will be closed on Monday due to the holiday.

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