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Reds at Reif: A Winemaker's Luncheon

Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Reif winery will host “An Open Barrel,” a luncheon event with winemaker Roberto DiDomenico, in the winery’s barrel room on Saturday, April 21. The meal will feature beef carpaccio with caper mustard dressing followed by lamb papardelle with wild mushroom sauce paired with new reds from the magnificent 2010 vintage: Cabernet Franc and Meritage, respectively. “Our April luncheon will mark the release and showcase of our 2010 reserve reds,” says winemaker Roberto DiDomenico. “This vintage was an ideal season for full-bodied reds and the richness and complexity of the wines will be highlighted by a menu that we have developed with Chef Robin Howe.”

Howe’s catering company has served events at some of the finest venues in the Niagara region, including the Shaw Festival; he has brought his talent for pairings to past events at Reif and other Niagara-on-the-Lake wineries. Thanks to the long, warm 2010 growing season––a vintage many Niagara winemakers described as nearly flawless––attendees can expect the reds to show serious power and structure with fantastic aging potential.

Given Reif’s excellent reputation as an icewine producer, it’s only natural that this meal will conclude with the sweet nectar of the gods: Reif’s 2008 Cabernet Franc Icewine, partnered with Italian pots du creme and cookies. There’s perhaps no more exciting way to experience the amazing wines being made right across the river than with a wonderful meal designed in their honor.

Tickets are $60; bookings can be made by emailing wine@reifwinery.com .

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