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Spree.com Video: The Violet Fizz

We've written about Mike A @ Hotel Lafayette often. It's easy to do. With one of the most forward—and yet, simultaneously comforting—fine dining menus in our region, paired with the exquisitely restored surroundings of the Hotel Lafayette, excellent service, and an innovative cocktail and wine program, there's a lot to talk about.

Beverage manager (or shall we say, artiste?) Tony Rials has upped the ante with delicious, modern interpretations of classic drinks in the restaurant's lounge, and on December 5 the swanky location will celebrate the 79th anniversary of Prohibition's official repeal. So don your favorite 30s-era attire and stop down to sample a new menu of classic Prohibition-era drinks on this special day. In the video below, Rials prepares the Violet Fizz, just one of the eight killer cocktails he's masterminded for the occasion.


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