The Workshop: Images from An Exploration of Grain

kc kratt


Chef Edward Forster, formerly of Mike A @Hotel Lafayette, has been covered here at and in Buffalo Spree magazine on several occasions. Since his return to Buffalo just a little under two years ago, he has earned the only 10 "plate" review from Andrew Galarneau at the Buffalo News, won a Nickel City Chef battle, and earned big praise from publications, like ours.

When we reported that he would be leaving his position as executive chef at the well-regarded downtown restaurant operated by Mike Andrzejewski, we also informed you of a project he'd been working on for a bit, entitled The Workshop. As it's described on its Facebook page, The Workshop will one day be "a neighborhood style restaurant focusing on the guest first with uber-creative cuisine and ever changing drink," but until Forster cements a location, he intends to host a series of pop-ups (some open to the public, some not) that will showcase his culinary point of view and offer a taste, if you will, of his future plans.

Those who pay attention to The Workshop's web presence may be alerted to a private party, like the demonstration held last night at Silo City. An Exploration of Grain, the aptly-titled outdoor soiree, featured food and drink from Forster, with the help of his friends, mixologists Tony Rials and Jeff Yannuzzi, as well as chefs Scott Crombie and James Roberts. The theme was carried throughout the event, and was also reflected in the screening of vintage farm footage against the interior walls of the silo (courtesy of Projex).

"I wanted to show off an amazing venue," Forster says. "And have a party that all of my friends did more than their share to make happen. An Exploration of Grain was a great way to personify an idea of evolutionary cuisine and dining. It was about being out of your comfort zone. It was about meeting people. And I did it to make real food with great company. Because that's what dining out is about—having a great time with cool people."

The menu for the evening is noted below. Please enjoy the slideshow featuring images captured by kc kratt. Like The Workshop on Facebook if you want to be in the know about one of Buffalo's newest and most exciting dining experiences.


The Workshop

An Exploration of Grain
September 19, 2013
Silo City, Buffalo, New York

Poached Shrimp, Burnt Nori, Kaffir Matcha Gel, Cilantro, Rice Puff

Braised Beef Tongue, Malted Barley Yoghurt, Candied Munich Malts, Pickled Shallot

Molten Painted Meadows Rabbit and Puy Lentil Croquette, Mustard Jus, Dijon, Mustard Chiffonade

Chicory Roasted Oles Farm Chicken Tostada, Avocado, Charred Corn, Mint, Chicory Lettuce

Winter Farm’s Corn Bisque with Flavours of “Elotes,” Lime Tapioca, Harissa Aioli, Chihuahua Panna Cotta

Black Barley Rubbed Angus Beef Striploin, Mutli-Grain Salad, Sultana Raisin, Faro Jus

Assorted Puffed Rice Chocolates

Puffed Wild Rice and Cranberry Spice Crispie