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'Tis the season for Tom & Jerrys

Illustration by JP Thimot


We've waxed poetic about Tom & Jerry's before—you know, the popular Midwestern holiday drink that Buffalonians have adopted as their own? If you're interested, you can learn the history of the sweet, frothy, and potent beverage here.


But who needs a history lesson when, thanks to the holidays, there are ample opportunities to justify a little day drinking? Here's our list of Buffalo joints offering Tom & Jerrys. Have another we should add? Email us!


Rumor has it that Boomerang’s was the lucky recipient of The Place’s (see below) trademark Tom & Jerry recipe during the few years that The Place was shuttered. In my opinion, Boomerang’s offers the most refined Tom & Jerry in town—it’s a little less potent and the batter is a little less tooth-achingly sweet: all in all the batter and booze seem to blend better and it is a more satisfying, well-balanced drink than the other versions I’ve had (which is all but one of those listed below).
995 Niagara St., Buffalo, 883-0408


Central Park Grill
CPG's Tom & Jerry features Jim Beam or Meyer's dark rum, and as I prefer, a bit of steamed milk. Check it out.
2519 Main St. Buffalo, 836-9466


Another long-time champion of the great Tom & Jerry, Coles remains one of Buffalo's favorite locations to swill this holiday treat.
1104 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, 886-1449


McPartlan’s  Corner
This restaurant, located in Cheektowaga, has hardly changed in the 50+ years it’s been open. The homemade pies are sure to recall a visit to Grandma’s, so be sure to ask for the special pie menu and grab a slice while you’re enjoying your Tom & Jerry.
669 Wehrle Dr., Cheektowaga, 632-9896


The Place
In city central, few bars like The Place remain, and it is treasured by its longtime clientle and residents of Elmwood Village for its neighborhood vibe, filling pub food, and signature Tom & Jerrys.
229 Lexington Ave., Buffalo, 881-1178


Credited with offering its somewhat minty take on the classic Tom & Jerry longer than any other WNY bar. (Though you may want to call ahead.)
789 Center Rd., West Seneca, 675-2333


Rohall’s Corner
If you haven’t been to Rohall’s yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. A classic tavern, cleaned up and tailored to meet not only the needs of its blue collar neighborhood, but also of the increasing population of hip young folk who find themselves at nearby galleries and restaurants in this emerging district. I haven't had Rohall's Tom & Jerry yet, but I sure am looking forward to it.
540 Amherst St., Buffalo, 939-2087


Glen Park Tavern
It’s no surprise that a restaurant like GPT—with a reputation for serving traditional, hearty WNY fare—also offers Tom & Jerrys during the holiday season.
5507 Main St., Williamsville, 626-9333



Christa Glennie Seychew is Spree's food editor and senior editor.

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