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WNY wedding cake innovation


Projex is the name WNY artist Keith Harrington uses to define his work as an audio visual wizard who utilizes digital mapping to create immersive and vibrant large scale experiences at events and concerts. Based in Buffalo, Harrington often travels to gigs, but anyone who has attended a neat art festival in the area would recognize his work pretty easily. His installations have been spotted at City of Night, Artist & Models, Peepshow, and Music is Art, to name just a few.


Digital mapping is challenging in that it is very sight specific. Precise measurements and calculations are made to develop a digital map. Then unique imagery is created to cast onto a wall, building, or object of any kind. Additionally, there is careful strategy involved around the placement and intensity of the projector, since all details change based on the overall size of what is often a three dimensional film screen and the distance between it and the projector. Harrington uses his artistic inclinations along with a nearly encyclopedic understanding of his process to establish fascinating imagery that can function as a backdrop, highlight, or centerpiece of any event.


Recently two of Harrington's friends were married at Niagara's Rapids Theatre. Projex applied his artistic skill to their wedding cake, which at first glance appeared to overly simple with its classic shape and utterly plain white fondant icing. But moments later the cake came to life. After hours of planning and programming, wedding guests were treated to a uniquely Projex experience.


The resulting video went viral over the weekend and the story was picked up by Delish.com. Check it out.

Erin + Luke's Cake from Alyssa Mattingly on Vimeo.



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