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Soup of the Week / Lobster Bisque at Glen Park Tavern

Chef Todd Posch chats about his kitchen’s highly regarded lobster bisque

Photos by kc kratt


Glen Park Tavern
5507 Main St., Williamsville 
626-9333 or glenparktavernbuffalo.com
Chef Todd Posch


seafood stock


standard offering


Located on Main Street in the heart of Williamsville, Glen Park Tavern was established in 1887 and has been operating as a restaurant/pub ever since. The Tavern is a classic haunt among locals like Richard and Kate Meyers, who frequent its cozy setting for the friendly service. One of their menu favorites is the lobster bisque, which they describe as “rich and excellent, very creamy and always hot with nice chunks of lobster.” They proclaim it to be “probably the best in the region.”


Todd Posch has worked in the kitchen at the Glen Park Tavern since 1998 and is now head chef. Here is what he says about his kitchen’s highly regarded lobster bisque:


So, a little background, how long have you been in this industry?

I’m a North Tonawanda boy. I started working in the kitchen at a Ponderosa when I was sixteen. At twenty-two, I started working here and I’ve been the head chef for seven years now.


How long have you been making the lobster bisque?  

For seventeen years now. I worked under Chef Tony Vitello, who had been here ten years prior, and it is his recipe.


What do you think is so special about this recipe?

I cannot give you the recipe, but the key ingredients are the cream and sherry. It has a very creamy texture with a lot of flavor. It is not a chunky soup, it’s not a chowder, and, though there are bits of lobster, most of the lobster meat is blended in. The flavor is there. It is always served piping hot, that is key to a good soup experience. 


How much do you need to make to meet the needs of the restaurant?

During the colder seasons, we go through about twenty gallons a week, a bit less in the summer months.


What sort of libations do you recommend to accompany the bisque?

Many people will order a glass of sherry to drink along with the soup. It is a great complement to the sherry in the recipe, but I would say a nice glass of white wine goes very well, too. Anything you would drink with seafood would be great.


You have a big menu; what food would you suggest to follow the bisque?

I would highly recommend our artichoke Francoise with a lemon garlic sauce. It is a nice compliment and always on the menu. Our Buffalo shrimp is another favorite that people often order with the bisque.


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