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Back to School: Home-packed lunches

Ideas and alternatives


We know it’s a commitment to pack healthy and fun school lunches, but aren’t the kids worth it? It may be easier than you think to feed them the same fresh and nutritious foods they like to eat at home. One key lies in the box itself. As important as the contents, it provides a basis for what food you can send your child to school with. Opt for a model that keeps food separate and cold, and select one that’s washable (many are dishwasher safe, too) so you need not rely on prepackaged foods or purchasing sandwich bags. Many lunchboxes offer hip options to keep fresh food crisp, cold, and safe.











The next step is to provide tasty and nourishing contents that are just as attractive as the lunchboxes. A poor lunch can cause a child to have trouble paying attention in school or come home cranky or lethargic. Although it takes valuable time to prepare packed lunches, there are some ways to ease the time commitment and stay organized, such as keeping a designated spot on your refrigerator shelf for lunch necessities, getting a head start on Sundays, and packing lunches for two days at a time. Lastly, get your kids involved—they are more likely to eat it if they help pack it.



Make your own

• Lettuce wraps with vegetables, chicken, and dressing packed individually

• Toasted, cooled organic whole grain waffles for topping with nut butter, yogurt, and fresh fruit


New twist on a classic

• Peanut butter banana whole-wheat tortilla wraps; apple and cheddar slices

• Turkey sandwich with cranberry mayonnaise on whole grain bread; organic tortilla chips and salsa


Dip it

• Mozzarella and tomato salad; fresh pea pods and broccoli with yogurt ranch dip

• Pita triangles with hummus; fresh cucumbers, carrots, and celery sticks with tzatziki


Dinner favorites

• Cold, sliced roasted chicken with cubed cheese and vegetables

• Brown rice or rice noodles with fresh pea pods and sliced bell peppers



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