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Catching up with Mike Andrzewski

Photo by kc kratt


(originally interviewed 12/19)


Now that restaurants are open, can you operate with reasonable success under the new restrictions?

The new restrictions are posing some huge challenges for us, especially for establishments that have a substantial bar business, like Cantina Loco. Many places rely on this revenue to make their numbers and it’s a big loss if we can’t seat the bar to capacity. The ability to sell “to go” drinks helps.


What did you learn during the takeout period?

People in WNY really were amazing in the sense that they knew how much restaurants and food service workers were in trouble and went beyond the norm to support us. Customers really showed a lot of empathy and generosity to the industry.


Going forward, is there anything you feel optimistic about?

My optimism is tempered with the reality of the times. The resurgence of the virus cases in other cities is scary. I’m seeing firsthand the impact of the disregard for safety measures, and am more than a little concerned about the long-term problems.


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