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Western New York's Only City/Regional Magazine

Every community needs a city/regional magazine. It gives people the information they need to make the most of where they live. Buffalo Spree magazine, now in its 51st year of publishing, is Western New York’s only city and regional magazine. Spree is dedicated to helping its readers take advantage of the new Western New York,  a community that has seen so many positive and exciting changes over the last few years.


With more than 136,000-plus readers and more than 1100 client partners, Buffalo Spree is part of Western New York’s largest locally owned media group. Spree also has a vibrant online presence with a website that is updated daily, often with videos, slide shows, and other multimedia content. Active social media accounts reach thousands of followers, with new audiences daily.


The most common compliment Buffalo Spree receives is that, more than any other publication in Western New York, it showcases Buffalo as an exciting and desirable place to live, rich in great neighborhoods, distinguished architecture, unique entertainment destinations, and natural beauty. With every issue, Buffalo Spree provides full-color proof that Western New York is a great region, with an impressive quality of life.


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