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Our Media Kit is available online as a series of printable PDF files. PDF files are read by the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have Acrobat, click here or see the bottom of the page for information on how to get it for FREE.
Buffalo Spree Full Media Kit
Sizes and Electronic Guidelines for all Products


Buffalo Spree Magazine Media Kit:

About Buffalo Spree Publishing Inc.
Buffalo Spree Magazine Circulation
Buffalo Spree Editorial, Special Sections & Event Calendar
Buffalo Spree Rates & Specs
Buffalo Spree Digital Offerings
Buffalo Spree Signature Events


Other Spree Publications Media Kits:

Buffalo Spree Special Publications Rates & Specs (includes Medicine In WNY, On The Town, and Holiday Shopping Guide)
Theater & Event Program Books


Forever Young Media Kit:

About Forever Young
Forever Young Rates & Specs
Forever Young Directory
Forever Young Expo and Sponsorships


Custom Publishing​ and The Spree Marketplace


(585) Magazine Media Kit:

(585) Full Media Kit
(585) Rate Card
(585) Sizes and Electronic Guidelines for all Products; Web guidelines
(585) Reprints, Marketplace and Theatre & Program Books


Full Page Bleed Ad Layout Templates:

Buffalo Spree / Medicine in WNY Full Page
Buffalo Spree / Medicine in WNY Two Page Spread
Buffalo Spree Holiday Shopping Guide Full Page
Buffalo Spree Holiday Shopping Guide Two Page Spread
585 Magazine Full Page



To access these documents follow these simple steps:
On a PC:
Open the files by "right-clicking" on them (with the right button on your mouse) and choosing "Save Target as....". Save the file to your harddrive. Open the files with Acrobat Reader and "print" it like any other document.
On A Mac:
If you have Acrobat Reader set as the default in your browser preferences, it should launch the plug-in. Documents will open in your browser window after clicking on them. Print them as you would any other document. Or you can click on the files and hold down the mouse button until the menu of options pops up. Choose "Save this link as...." and download the file to your hard drive. Open in Acrobat Reader and print it.
If you need Acrobat Reader:
PDFs are viewed in Acrobat reader, Which is FREE from Adobe.
If you need Acrobat reader, click here to download it for free from Adobe


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