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Hot 5: Bob Newhart


Every so often, one stumbles upon an obscure little gem of a film with an unexpected famous face or two in its cast. Case in point: Cold Turkey, a strangely prescient satire from 1971 directed by TV legend Norman Lear about an entire town that attempts to give up smoking. The cast includes everyone from Dick Van Dyke to Jean “Edith Bunker” Stapleton, but the biggest surprise is the downright nasty performance of Bob Newhart, playing a cold-hearted Big Tobacco executive. It’s a reminder of Newhart’s range, longevity, and talent, and his interest in being more than just a stand-up comic. In his fifty-year career, he’s been the star of two eponymous sitcoms, has sold millions of albums, and appeared in more than a dozen films. His appearance at UB’s Center for the Arts benefits Beechwood Continuing Care’s Welcome Home Initiative. (The performance is being presented by Beechwood.)

8 p.m. on Friday, April 1, at UB’s Center for the Arts, University at Buffalo North Campus; 645-ARTS or www.ubcfa.org.

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