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What's New: Buffalo Boutiques

kc kratt

The April issue of Buffalo Spree is a neighborhood by neighborhood look at "What's New". We asked Spree's style blogger Erin Habes to fill us in on her favorite new shops for fashionable purchases, be they for the body or the home. She came back with a great list of locations for our staff photographer to shoot. Below you'll see her recommendations for Buffalo's most exciting new boutiques. Enjoy!

This new Elmwood Village women's clothing boutique is the brainchild of Ali Eagen. It features her ready-to-wear collection, made-to-measure designs, and unique brands from local designers. (569 Elmwood Ave., 882-1500, www.madebyanatomy.com)


This new baby store comes from the interior design professionals at room. It addresses the need for a baby boutique that creates an intimate environment for the mom-to-be, with a handpicked selection of furnishings, clothing, and accessories in the same blend of contemporary and classic style that has made room so popular.  (1376 Hertel Ave., 886-3541, www.roomforhome.com/baby)


The former Allentown boutique has a new location on Hertel, with a space that triples the size and amount of style. As the name makes clear, Mod/Nos presents a hybrid approach to women's clothing and accessories.  (1382 Hertel Ave., 844-8435, www.shopmodernnostaligia.com)


Interior designer Brooke R. Pelc saw potential in a space on Delaware Avenue and quickly moved in, offering modern and rustic furniture and accessories, along with a warm and welcoming design approach.  (430 Delaware Ave., 882-6378, www.interior-design-buffalo.com)


This women's fashion boutique in East Aurora offers a fresh perspective on modern trends and believes in looking fabulous at any age.  (633 Main St., 655-5100, www.ooolalaboutique.com)



Now occupying the hot corner of Breckenridge and Elmwood Avenue, this vintage shop features a blast form the past combo of furniture and accessories.  (890 Elmwood Ave., 796-7058, www.reimagine furniture.com)

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