April 2013

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Beautiful People: Jack Quinn

Currently president of Erie Community College (ECC), Jack Quinn has been an English teacher, Hamburg town supervisor, and a Member of the US House of Representatives.

Beautiful People: Cyd Cox

At her company EcoLogic Home, home performance contractor Cyd Cox “helps people save money on their energy bills, and makes their homes more energy efficient.”

Beautiful People: Maureen and Ward Pinkel

Maureen and Ward are the co-owning couple behind Urban Threads, a co-ed clothing boutique in the Elmwood Village that’s been thriving for twenty-one years.

Beautiful People: Constance Caldwell

For the past year, Constance Caldwell has been director of Community Relations & Community Engagement at Buffalo History Museum.

Beautiful People: Jessica Wegrzyn

An actor and a costume designer for Torn Space Theater since 2011,, Jessica Wegrzyn also works at Bistro Europa.

Beautiful People: Amy Hansen Dietrick

Amy Hansen Dietrick implements and installs payroll systems for Williamsville based Payroll and HR Group, where she’s worked for over three years.

Beautiful People: Manny Naylor

Associate director of Lehrer Dance Company Manny Naylor runs rehearsals, and assists company founder Jon Lehrer with all facets of operating a dance studio.

Beautiful People: Max Collins

Max Collins is a photographer, a public muralist, and an arts educator.

Beautiful People: Grace Modi

Model Grace Modi has also launched an event planning business, New Generation.

French onion soup

The key to great French onion soup is time. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

Brick Oven Bistro & Deli

Not many restaurants can boast having both a family-friendly atmosphere and a lively bar, but South Buffalo’s Brick Oven Bistro & Deli caters to a wide range of guests

Legends and characters

From Gershwin to Mamet to Behan, distinguished figures loom large on local stages this month.

The blue-eyed soul of Michael King

Some Buffalo nights can be long and cold, but on evenings when Michael King steps onstage, the band and the crowd are, without fail, whipped up into a hot frenzy of funk and soul

Sowing the seeds of compassion

As a lecturer on gardening and ecosystems, I try to teach adults (and occasionally kids) about how our interactions with nature have impact.

Beautiful People: Sergio Rodriguez

Sergio Rodriguez was born in the Dominican Republic, and at the age of ten moved to Long Island. After his active duty, he moved to Buffalo, and “fell in love with the city.”

Beautiful People: David Lamb

David Lamb is artistic director at Kavinoky Theatre

Beautiful People: Lisa Martineck

Owner of Capello Salon and Day Spa in their downtown location at the Avant, Lisa Martineck is also mom of three young kids.

Beautiful People: Jessica Railey Rector

Jessica Railey Rector co-owns Vera Pizzeria on Lexington Avenue in Buffalo with her husband Cameron, and partner, Bryan Lester.

Beautiful People: Roger Whitfield

Roger Whitfield plays amateur hockey regularly and is quite humble about his good looks, blushing when the possibility of him modeling is discussed.

Beautiful People: Jax Deluca

Jax Deluca is a musician (including ukulele), sound artist, and one of the founders of the late Art Brutale DIY storefront space on Main Street in Buffalo.

Beautiful People: A. J. Bray

A. J. Bray has lived in Niagara Falls since moving to this area from Washington, DC in 2007.

Beautiful People: Shandra Spicer

Shandra Spicer describes herself as: “Mom, crazy, a CEO, a daughter, sister, and wife.”

Beautiful People: Paul Vanouse

Paul Vanouse is a professor of Visual Studies at University at Buffalo and codirector of the Emerging Practices MFA program there.

In the Field: Curtis Fielding

Curtis explains how he went from racing cars to pruning vines, his love for a good cider, and why it’s good to be King.

Swallow Toronto: Spring edition

Banking on the thinking that bacon’s popularity will never wane, the guys behind This Little Pig are making artisan bacon for the discerning meathead.

Mozart’s mysterious mass

For most classical music lovers, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ranks among the top two or three greatest composers of all time. He was clearly a musical genius, but his life and his work have long been shrouded in mystery and paradox.

Anniversary Gala to Benefit Young Audiences

Fifty years ago, a group of orchestra musicians banded together to bring chamber music into Buffalo public schools.

A new family space at the Botanical Gardens

With the addition of the Wegmans Family Garden, there is now a space for young children to explore and have fun, and it makes all the difference in a family visit to the Gardens.

Gloria Steinem is still speaking out

She’s one of those rare figures who seems to transcend the passage of time, whose call to action still galvanizes, whose opinion is still sought.

New Era Cap Company introduces emerging artists

An intricate wooden carousel, a nighttime cityscape, a menacing green dragon, and a melted ice cream cone smoking a cigarette —

Beautiful People: Vincent O’Neill

Vincent O’Neill’s many hats include actor, director, teacher of theater, mime artist, dialectician, professor, and a “proud father of two.”

Beautiful People: Clive D’Souza

Originally from India, D’Souza’s lived in Western New York for a decade.

Beautiful People: J. Garrett Green

J. Garrett Green is a self-described “consumer goods entrepreneur, a researcher/developer/designer of brands.”

Beautiful People: Marianne Sprague

Marianne Sprague is a native of Hungary, she emigrated to the US after marrying, and settled in Buffalo–a city she loves.

Beautiful People: David Brugh

David Brugh is co-owner of the highly successful room company, which includes room, room 2, and baby room.

WNY food truck legislation

The world has undergone a street food revolution.

Student Discounts

Teachers considering student field trips can take advantage of student or group rates at most local theaters, but students—college or high school—needn’t wait for a teacher to mandate their presence!

Onstage: Keeping theater alive

In order for theater to survive, then, we need to cultivate a new generation of theatergoers, young people who appreciate the medium for what it is and don’t view it as a lesser, more expensive alternative to a blockbuster movie.

Harmonious disparity: Watercolors and sculptures by Ellen Steinfeld

Steinfeld’s work is firmly rooted in modernist traditions.

Been there, shot that The documentary photography of Bruce Jackson

Holbein’s Ambassadors and his many other portraits come to mind when viewing Being There: Bruce Jackson, Photographs 1962–2012, now on exhibit at the Burchfield Penney Art Center.

Twain was here

“This is it. There isn’t any more to be said about Twain in Buffalo.” —Neil Schmitz, Foreword, Scribblin’ for a Livin’

Hello Jays, goodbye Mets

In May, 2011, I used this column to ponder whether or not Buffalo had a major league baseball team that could be called its own.

Beautiful People: Jim Proulx

Jim Proulx is creative director for the interactive marketing company ProulxTaylor

Beautiful People: Heidi Raphael

Heidi Raphael is vice president of Corporate Communications for Greater Media, Inc.

Beautiful People: Stephanie Robb

Stephanie Robb is one of the founders of long-running Wild Things Boutique.

Beautiful People: Fred Jackson

Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson is a family-oriented man who speaks to his twin brother daily

At the Table: Food, beautiful food

It would be fair to say that many chefs are artists—

Dining: The History of Presentation

Plate like a Chef

“It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate—you know someone’s fingers have been all over it.“ —Julia Child

The future will take place on April 12, in Black Rock

Could the difference between 1960 and 2013 be that back then we were in love with the future and now we’re afraid of the future?

Thawing out

This month brings a crazy number of musical options, some from far away, others with local roots, some looking forward, others looking back, all of them looking like fun.

Hot 5

Let’s celebrate the in-between days of April with another unique Hot 5 jumble.

Buffalo blogging: for love or money?

Many writers who seek a pot of gold at the end of the online rainbow find they barely earn enough to buy a daily cup of coffee.

A visit to bear central

On October 8, 2012, zookeeper Caitlyn Bruce of the Buffalo Zoo stepped off a plane into a different world: Churchill, Manitoba.

From mint juleps to the science of beer

April is filled with glorious weather, blooming flowers, and a variety of chances to be charitable.

Get moving, shopping, and eating

Ready to run, buy, and eat? Let’s get to this month’s Spree-sponsored events.

Beautiful People: James Hickey

A painter by night, James Hickey is also master stylist hairdresser at Salon Da’Voe and the proud father of Fiona Margaret Hickey.

Beautiful People: Lydia Dominick

Lydia Dominick is a host and on-air personality at WGRZ-TV.

Beautiful People: Gabriela Ragusa

Gabriela Ragusa is the creative director at Giancarlo’s

Letter from the Editor

Sometime in 2004, former Spree associate editor Ron Ehmke and I received a letter from a recent University at Buffalo graduate named Christopher Schobert.
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Trending Now

  1. BuffaloSpree.com's Recipe of the week: Red Quinoa Avocado Salad
  2. Long Story Short: You may not think you're privileged, but ...
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