Beautiful People: Fred Jackson

Nancy J. Parisi

Originally from Arlington, Texas where his extended family still lives, Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson is a family-oriented man who speaks to his twin brother daily, and does FaceTime with his sisters several times a week. When not playing for the Bills, he’s with his family. “I’m constantly with my kids,” he says. At the time of this profile, Jackson was planning an annual family trip with his wife and three young kids.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

My kids–I can leave this world with a part of me still here. I want them to be successful, to have fun growing up, and be taken care of when I’m done with football. Having the three of them means the world to me.

Are you a dog or cat person?

We have two cocker spaniels—Samba and Nalah.

What is the most beautiful place in WNY?

Niagara Falls; it’s one of the great wonders of the world and to be half an hour from it is great. We try to get up there as much as possible, to take in the scenery.

Where do you go to experience beauty?

We try to get out to San Diego once a year, off-season. My kids are into the wildlife park and the zoo. Some of the landscaping to create the natural environments for the animals is awesome, spectacular.

What place in WNY is in need of beautification?

This may sound kind of weird, but Ralph Wilson Stadium. They want to renovate it, and it can be improved to look more modern. It’s a great place to look at, but there are some improvements that can be made.

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