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Beautiful People: James Hickey

Luke Copping

A painter by night, James Hickey is also master stylist hairdresser at Salon Da’Voe and the proud father of Fiona Margaret Hickey.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

The quintessential answer is being a father and a role model.
I have truly become a tour guide to the universe to another human being.
She’s my daughter but she has her own soul and her own awareness.

Are you a dog or cat person?

Big dogs! No little dogs!

What is the most beautiful place in WNY?

Allegheny State Park—the forest—is absolutely the most beautiful place
in WNY. I love the fact that you become one with nature. There’s no
real camping spot; you’re surrounded by nothing but forest. You create
a small home for yourself, and you bring what you need. It’s a beautiful feeling.

Where do you go to experience beauty?

New York City, because you have the beauty of everything:
people, fashion, art, architecture, everything!

What place in WNY is in need of beautification?

The area around the grain elevators—around the First Ward.
There’s a multitude of buildings and empty spaces; it needs a lot of work and renovation.

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