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WNY culinary powerhouses plan collaborative dinner

kc kratt


If you live in Western New York, consider yourself a bit of a foodie, and haven’t heard of Victor Parra Gonzalez yet, well, you may be living under a rock.


The young chef, who we featured in the March issue of Buffalo Spree, owns Jaguar at the Bistro, and in a short amount of time, has made a pretty big splash in the ever-increasing pool of Buffalo/Niagara restaurant talent. A handful of good reviews, a win against Nickel City Chef JJ Richert in a recent culinary competition, a sold-out taco pop-up, and a lot of good will (on his part), has quickly translated into herds of chefs and diners making the trek from the city to his Youngstown outpost for killer Mexican fare.


Many trips down the thruway for visits to Industry Night, late nights at some of Buffalo's most popular watering holes to talk food with other chefs, and plenty of handshakes later, Chef Parra Gonzalez has become part of the scene in a way that makes some of us feel as if he’s been here forever. Being one heck of a cook doesn’t hurt much either.


Still need a true sign of his arrival? Chef Mike Andrzejewski, Buffalo’s celebrity chef, of sorts, has invited the young Acapulco native to join him in presenting a dinner at Bourbon & Butter, Andrzejewski’s swanky spot in the Hotel Lafayette. Taking place on Wednesday, May 13, the two chefs have developed a menu that highlights their diverse but complementary approaches, with each chef being responsible for three courses. The dinner is being billed as a meal demonstrating bold flavors and the blending of Mexico’s traditional techniques with modern culinary craftsmanship.


You’ll find the menu below. Reservations can be made by calling Bourbon & Butter at 253-6453. Valet parking is available.



Upon arrival
Agua fresca and small bites
Esquite of Yellow Corn
huitlacoche foam, piquillo dust
Egg and Mushroom Tortilla
charred shishito, cultured crema
Pescado Almendrado
almonds, chihuahua sauce mornay,
pickled red onion, garden cress
Rock Lobster Ceviche
avocado, roast tomato, sesame crisp, cilantro
Roasted Pork Shank
crispy skin, glazed carrots and pineapple,
housemade escabeche jalapeno, potatoes
“Al Pastor”
duck breast, lardo encased pineapple,
charred onion, corn soufflé
Flan and Arroz con Leche

Dinner is $70 per person, a $35 beverage pairing from award-winning barkeep Tony Rials is also available.




Christa Glennie Seychew is Spree's food editor and senior editor.

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