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Little Luxuries / Meal Services

Treat yourself to a home-cooked meal—without the cooking

Michael Khoury and Justin Tartick of Feature Meals

Photos by Stephen Gabris


If your browser history is anything like mine, every time you log into a social media site you’re bombarded with ads for one of the latest health and wellness trends: healthy meals delivered right to your door or picked up ready to go. Buffalo-area entrepreneurs have not let this trend pass them by, and there are no shortage of local services to choose from, including these:



Feature Meals

598 Main Street, Buffalo

436-5055; squareup.com/store/featuremeals

Feature Meals caters to specialized diets, including vegan, paleo, and gluten free. The vegan five-meal option usually features a chili, a couple fritter/green vegetable/grain combos, and a chickpea and/or lentil option. Meals are well seasoned, with good texture (unlike the mush of so many frozen vegetarian meals). Feature Meals also offers gluten-free, paleo, and keto plans. The downtown location makes this is a great choice for office workers . Meals average about $6 each.


Eat Rite

1 Delaware Road, Kenmore; 1785 Military Road, Niagara Falls

445-1067; eatritefoods716.com

Eat Rite offers balanced meals at a low cost, mainly for those with few dietary restrictions. A meat, a grain, and a vegetable run about $6/meal. Orders can be placed in advance or customers can stop in and see what’s in the coolers. My friends and I were happy with the overall quality, seasoning and texture of the meals we sampled. In addition to the dinners, there are a few breakfast options every week, often an egg scramble and a breakfast burrito. Meals run about 400 calories, perfect to have on hand if you want to keep it light.


716 Fresh

713-7614, 716fresh.com

With a focus on organic and local ingredients, 716 Fresh sells kombucha and cold-pressed juices in addition to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, all packed with fruits and vegetables. Vegan, vegetarian, keto, and gluten-free menu options are marked accordingly.


95 Nutrition

465-1920, 95nutrition.com

Targeted to dieters, 95 Nutrition offers larger and smaller portion sizes marketed to men and women, meal plans, a la carte options, and gluten-free choices. Meals cost about $7-$8 each.


Balanced Body Foods

508-7526, balancedbodyfoods.com

Balanced Body offers vegan and keto options, averages $8-$10 per meal, and sells mainly healthy versions of favorite items like breakfast sandwiches, taco bowls, and shrimp fried rice, as well as kombucha and a branded protein drink.



545-1517, bbg2go.com

BBG2Go is marketed primarily to people who are or would like to be on an specific eating plan. Gluten-free and vegetarian meals are marked on menus. BBG2Go focuses on healthy versions of classics like chicken caesar salad, beef souvlaki, pancakes, and brownies. Meals are $6, with smaller portion options for $5 compatible with the Weight Watchers points system.



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