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K9 Lawn Pals removes backyard pet waste, so owners can enjoy the benefits of their canine companions without the mess.


Servicing all of WNY with his three-person team, founder Jim Craw’s epiphany came as a result of the 2008 financial crisis. Out of work and needing to pick up extra cash, he started to advertise himself as a jack of all trades; he took work mowing grass, raking lawns, and yes, as a professional pooper scooper. He soon found that most inquiries were about dog clean-up, and created K9 Lawn Pals to tide him over until a “real” job offer came. Craw is now entering his ninth season in this business.


Craw says the strategy behind K9 Lawn Pals is simple: set an accessible price point, exceed expectations, and provide exemplary customer service. Depending on the number of dogs and size of the yard, customers pay anywhere from ten to twenty dollars per pickup, and can schedule pickups on a weekly, biweekly, or bimonthly basis. Spring cleanups are another popular option; K9 Lawn Pals scoop up waste previously buried by snow, and, like any yard cleanup service, double bags and leaves it with the trash so owners don’t come in contact with the mess. Prices for this option start at fifty dollars. Contracts aren’t required, as Craw says it makes him and his team “put on their A-game” every time. The company focuses on methods and protocols (there really is a proven way to scope and scoop a yard quickly and effectively), like how to greet and interact with a dog if it’s in the yard, and double-checking to ensure the gate is securely closed upon entering and leaving. It even leaves dog biscuits for pets to enjoy in their freshly cleaned spaces.


At first, Craw was surprised by the clientele he was attracting, thinking most of them would come from upscale neighborhoods. In fact, many clients are elderly or disabled, are fostering dogs, or are simply regular people who lead busy lives and want to enjoy their dogs in their spare time, not clean up after them.


To inquire about specific pricing or to sign up for a service, visit k9lawnpals.com or call 880-7144.


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