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Great Dates: All-day sporty date

Best For: Energetic and fitness-conscious couples getting to know each other


1. Jog through Forest Lawn cemetery or around Delaware Park’s Ring Road
2. Breakfast along Elmwood Avenue
3. Workout at a local fitness center
4. Massage at an area spa
5. Late lunch at a city center eatery
6. Bisons game



For sports-minded folks, there’s nothing like a nice active/healthy date to get a relationship started; Those who make exercise and healthy eating a lifelong commitment need a partner who is also inclined toward that lifestyle. Get the day started with a mid-distance jog around the ring road in Delaware Park or through the  Forest Lawn cemetery (have you seen those hills?) to awaken the system and alert the senses to the sights, sounds, and scents of nature and the neighborhood. After the run, a quick walk, bike ride, or drive to Elmwood Avenue will give you plenty of healthy options for breakfast—many with outdoor seating if you want to preserve the date’s outdoorsy theme.

After a bit of rest and some window shopping, hit the health club (one of you can take the other on a guest pass) to work the muscles, or enjoy a yoga or spinning class, and follow it up with a massage to return the corpus to a calm yet energized state, just in time for lunch. Grab a sandwich, wrap, or salad—nothing heavy because it’s time to cheer for   the Bisons at Coca-Cola Field. After walking the walk all day long, kicking back and watching the pros at work is a great way for two people to connect and say “Dude, that rocks!”

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