Style / Holiday wear that glitters and glows

Beautiful gowns and a modern take of Victorian opulence


This holiday season has a romantic glow, shimmering with bright golden tones and a deep burgundy palette. Vintage accessories give texture to a glistening shoot, from the burnished gold props to the rich tapestry. Buffalo State College’s Kim Granados designed this beautiful collection of gowns. A design student in the Fashion and Textile Technology Department, she was awarded first place honors in the college’s 2018 RUNWAY fashion show.  Grandados’s winning collection, inspired by a modern take on Victorian opulence, was shot for Buffalo Spree by award-winning photographer Luke Copping.



Model: Marina Boswell

Designer: Kim Granados

Jewelry and props, Moda Vintage; Sam Edelman shoes



Model: Stacey Lynn Caronn

Designer: Kim Granados

Belt, Allita Lee; vintage accessories, earrings, and props, Moda Vintage; Sam Edelman Shoes



Model: Lianne Webb

Designer: Kim Granados

Clutch and props, Moda Vintage; Sam Edelman shoes



Model: Flora Adams

Designer: Kim Granados

Elephant necklace, Allita Lee; vintage accessories, gloves, gold necklace, bracelets, purse, Moda Vintage; Sam Edelman shoes



Photographer: Luke Copping

Style editor: Erin Habes

Stylist assistant: Emma Storfer

Production assistant: Taylor Thompson

Set designer: Jac Wrafter

Designer: Kim Granados

Makeup and hair: Cassandra Lyons



Watch for more of Erin Habes' fashion shoots in upcoming Buffalo Spree magazines.


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