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Awesome Buffalo funds more projects

Photo by Stephen Gabris


Make Buffalo Better is the mission of Awesome Buffalo, an organization like no other funder in the region. Launched in 2017, Awesome Buffalo funds almost any kind of project as long as it has true merit and will make a real impact. Hence, its support of a bench for the West Side’s 5 Points intersection and the distribution of hand-sewn gloves and scarves to bus stops around town, available to anyone in need. One of this year’s grants is going to Cutting the Cord workshops, which help people utilize HDTV without a cable subscription. “Over a ten-year time period, households routinely give in excess of $12,000 to [these] companies,” says Cutting the Cord’s John O’Brien.


Cuttingthe Cord workshop

Visit awesomefoundation.org/en/chapters/buffalo or call 225-0316.


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