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Catching up with Michael Weidrich

Boomeranging into leading roles in Buffalo

Photo by Stephen Gabris


Spree last spoke with you in May 2018. What have you been up to since then?

I recently joined the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County and have been working on their annual campaign to raise $13.8 million to support initiatives in the community focused on healthy babies and children, early learning and development, and financial well-being. It's been great connecting with so many people, companies, and organizations who support the mission and vision of the United Way and its commitment to improving  this community.  


What have you been most excited about/encouraged by since you moved back to Buffalo?

Through the Leadership Buffalo program, I've been able to see all the great work going into the renaissance that Buffalo is in the midst of. The investment of time, passion, and funds into Buffalo's rebirth has been awe-inspiring and something I never thought would happen. While we can easily see new buildings in places like the medical campus and downtown, and new shops and restaurants in the neighborhoods, it's the people throughout this city and region that are driving this renaissance and their love of Buffalo.


Name something you would immediately fix or change in WNY if you had a magic wand.

I would resurrect the Buffalo Central Terminal as the central nexus point of land transportation in Buffalo and a multi-modal hub with several Metrorail lines converging there–especially one going out to the airport–be the premiere Amtrak train station outside of New York City, be the Metrobus and Greyhound bus station, be a hub for taxis and Ubers, and also have shops, restaurants, groceries, and amenities needed in the neighborhood. 


Tell me what you do for fun or what you like to binge-watch.

I take my eleven-year-old nephew to a lot of things like the movies, Shea's Theatre, the BPO, art shows, restaurants, Bills games, events like Taste of Buffalo, and all the cool stuff happening in Buffalo. 



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