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Tastemakers: style transcends age and Instagram


The word influencer has taken on a whole new meaning in the age of social media. Many assume the term refers to twenty-somethings opening freebie packages from companies and taking infinite selfies. Wow, how did we get here? Fashion has turned many into selfmade promoters who get paid to review everything from lipstick to shapewear. The baseline of this new influencer market is credibility and building an audience. That's not the basis of this look at the who’s who of fashion in Buffalo. I wanted to find people living their daily lives in style. These are individuals who have a presence in our community when it comes to fashion and style. The term “tastemaker” represents people who set standards and whose style transcends. Whether you see them at the Co-op on a Saturday morning or rapping in the club Saturday night, their style inspires.


Style editor Erin Habes @erinhabes

Photographer Luke Copping @lukecopping  

Stylists Jac Wrafter @iackwrafter, Jada Hearon @truecouturerain

Wardrobe Models' own



Erin Moser

Owner and stylist @crownbflo

Makeup: Audrey Marshall for Crown @audreylmarshall



Jon Eisenberg

Co-owner @Bureaumade

Makeup: Katie Brammer @katieoneilbeauty



Helene Macaulay

Makeup artist, actor, and  documentary filmmaker

Hair and makeup: Katie Brammer @katieoneilbeauty



Candice Urban-Green

interior designer @boxcraft_studio

Hair: Dana Passariella, @fawnandfoxsalon;

Makeup: Krista Lou @glamchair_of_kristalou



Allita Lee

Wardrobe professional @allitalee

Hair: Christina Bishop and Breunte Jones @highklass_hair

Makeup: Krista Lou @glamchair_of_kristalou



Karel Hill

Instigator of conversation @baddiewinklesboyfriend

Hair: Christina Bishop and Breunte Jones @highklass_hair

Makeup: Katie Brammer @katieoneilbeauty



Patti Lawley

Co-owner @annarlette

Hair: Christina Bishop and Breunte Jones @highklass_hair

Makeup: Krista Lou @glamchair_of_kristalou



Nic Blaze

Graphic designer and drag artist @nicblaze  



Uptown Chase

Artist, musician, and designer @uptownchase



Gwen Curry

Grant writer @grantladycurry

Hair: Christina Bishop and Breunte Jones @highklass_hair
Makeup: Katie Brammer @katieoneilbeauty



Nia Badger

Creative @mmwstylestudio

Hair: Christina Bishop and Breunte Jones @highklass_hair

'Makeup: Krista Lou @glamchair_of_kristalou



Keunyoung Oh

Fashion and Textile Technology chair and associate professor @buffalostateftt

Hair: Christina Bishop and Breunte Jones @highklass_hair

Makeup: Krista Lou @glamchair_of_kristalou



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