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Movie Review: The Town Annual 2010

Movie Review: The Town

Ben Affleck is back in Boston, showing his directing debut's success was no fluke.

The Bills open in predictably uninspiring fashion Annual 2010

The Bills open in predictably uninspiring fashion

Here's the downright astonishing part: the Bills actually kinda, sorta put themselves in position to win Sunday's thoroughly uninspiring 15-10 loss to the Dolphins.

TIFF Day 4: The intense, brilliant "127 Hours," and more Annual 2010

TIFF Day 4: The intense, brilliant "127 Hours," and more

It's a story of surviving at any cost, and not just my choice for the best film of TIFF10, but easily the best I've seen this year.

TIFF 2010: Day Three Annual 2010

TIFF 2010: Day Three

Day Three at TIFF sees a morning of heavy drama and a night of comedic fun.

TIFF 2010: Day Two (so far) Annual 2010

TIFF 2010: Day Two (so far)

The best film we've seen so far this year, a rather conventional but solid flick, and who knew the continental breakfast wasn't free?

Movie Review: Flipped Annual 2010

Movie Review: Flipped

Rob Reiner returns to family-friendly fare with his adaptation of Wendelin Van Draanen's novel.

TIFF 2010: Day One Annual 2010

TIFF 2010: Day One

TIFF 2010: Day One is complete.

Whatever happened to ... ? Annual 2010

Whatever happened to ... ?

With kickoff of the Buffalo Bills' 2010–11 less than a week away, let's rifle through the dustbin of Buffalo Bills history, and ask "Whatever happened to...?"

Annual 2010

TIFF10 Preview

Spree visits the Toronto International Film Festival for four days of coverage.

Movie Review: The American Annual 2010

Movie Review: The American

George Clooney's aging assassin finds redemption through love in Italy.