Oh Pour L'amour du Chocolat: From Paris to Snyder

kc kratt

Years in Business: 1 (as of February)
Locations: 2 (counting Sweet Jenny’s)
Best-selling item: TIE: chocolate-covered Oreo cookies and truffles
Specialty item: Macarons
Favorite holiday: Christmas
Company Motto: “Locally-sourced, Belgian-inspired artisanal chocolate.”

Oh Pour L’amour du Chocolat co-owners Tara and Howard Cadmus followed a shared passion for fine chocolates when they opened this small shop in 2011. Tara, a banker, spent some time in Belgium and took a chocolatier course in Paris, where she also learned the skill of making delicate macarons. Six macaron flavors are available at APL at all times.

The couple also owns Sweet Jenny’s, also on Main Street; they purchased the shop from then-owner Deborah Haney, a family friend. Both locations showcase ice cream flavors that are sold throughout the region to families as well as restaurants. All the cream and nuts used in the ice cream come from local farms and vendors.

On a recent visit to Oh Pour L’amour du Chocolat, a nanny/child pair was in the shop for a weekly ice cream treat. Tarin, the child, proclaims that the Smurf flavor (a swirl of blue raspberry and mini marshmallows) is her favorite; Anne, the nanny, is there for the chocolate.

Chocolate is the sumptuous superstars here. A wide range of traditional offerings include truffles, hand-dipped items, filled pieces, glacé fruit, sponge candy, and a Belgian foil-wrapped line. For research and development, Spree requested a piece of sponge candy—the mouth-feel of the milk chocolate surrounding the airy sponge was creamy, the abundance of butterfat apparent as it melted sumptuously, quickly.

Truffles here are equally velvety and one stand-out is the dark chocolate sprinkled with sea salt. Approximately two dozen flavors are available daily, and flavors change seasonally. Another top seller is a chocolate-surrounded Oreo cookie, in milk and dark with whimsical moon faces, and designs; Oh Pour L’amour du Chocolat supplies Shea’s Performing Arts Center with these for intermissions, as well as chocolate-dipped pretzels (about one thousand per month).

Regarding chocolate and the business of selling it, Tara says: “I love it, and my husband loves it. We both have our day jobs, but this is where our passion is.” The duo is at both locations daily to taste batches, make chocolate, and dream up their next creamy confection.



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